‘Peacock: The blending of the five colours of its feathers is the sweet harmony of sound’

Pauna Devojka
October 2009, Pauni Trio proudly presented their debut cd Pauna Devojka. The cd is available via www.silvox.nl

Click here for more information about the lyrics on this album (Dutch and English).
Read the concert review in Volkskrant.
Read the cd review in Parool.
(both Dutch only...)



DASH! vs Pauni Trio
At the start of 2014, Pauni Trio was invited by the Splendor stage in Amsterdam. The occasion was a serious musical battle with trio DASH! Three superb musicians, led by saxophonist Maarten Ornstein, famous for their eclectic style, combining free-funk, jazz, blues, and much more. Mixing and matching the music proved to be such great fun that we decided to do a few more concerts together later this year. Check it out!

Melk & Honing (Milk & Honey) cd now available
Suprise your friends and relatives with an original december gift.
On sunday November 3rd, we presented our brandnew cd 'Melk & Honing' in RASA. The new album - a mixture of Bulgarian and Dutch folk - includes a capella songs, with Jan Wollring on accordeon, and songs with our groovy Orkestar. The album can by ordered by sending us an email. (€ 15,-  All orders in the month of December are free of postage)
A great and original sinterklaas or Santa Claus gift for young and old!


Pauni Trio live on 'Concertzender'
We had a wonderfull time with the cheerfull staff and crowd at the studio of Concertzender in Utrecht, October 18th. You can still listen to this live performance for music and 'Melk & Honing'  background stories. Enjoy!   

Successfull crowdfunding campaign!
Our fundraising campaign for the release of our cd Milk & Honey ended successfully! Thanks everyone for your support, your kind encouragments and your nice feedback on our first video! We are very happy and ready to roll. 

Proudly presenting: Pauni Orkestar!
In our adventure into the undiscovered land of "Milk & Honey",  we will be joined by four brave and superbe musicians. Our Orkestar consists of: Kay Krijnen (accordeon, Amariszi and D Gojim), Akos Laki (sax, clarinet, Carlama Orkestar), Jasper de Beer (bass, Amsterdam Klezmer Band) and Bokkie Vink (drums, STriCat). Jan Wollring (accordeon) will remain our stronghold at Pauni quartet performances. We are very happy, indeed...

New project 'Melk & Honing'
In 2013 Pauni Trio realize their new project ' Melk & Honing' (Milk & Honey) , a crossover between beautiful Bulgarian hamonies, old gems from Dutch music folklore and new lyrics. With the involvement of, amongst others, lyricist Jan Rot and young dutch composer Kay Krijnen. We will start performing in June 2013.  Please join us on our journey in the land of Milk and Honey...

This project is supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds and SNS REAAL Fonds.

Pauni Trio Jazz and Jam

On Tuesday May 29, Pauni Trio took part in the final examination of clarinetplayer Bart de Kater at Amsterdam's Conservatory. For this occassion, jazzmusician/composer Oene van Geel composed a new piece, based on the song 'Mesechinko Dafinko'. Listen to a sample of this song's premiere on our music page.

Ollin Kan 2012
May 2012 Pauni Trio took off for Ollin Kan in Mexico City. This time they brought their 'Three Amigos' (from left to right); Bart de Kater (clarinet), Remco Menting (percussion) and Jan Wollring (accordeon). Listen to a live registration on our music page.

It has been awfully quiet around Pauni Trio. And for a very good reason! Paunies Juliette and Iris spent their precious time 'breeding', but not on music this time. The end of 2011, and the start of 2012, two new pauni-girls saw the light. Marijn and Izalea have strong vocal cords, but still a long way to go. In the meantime, their mothers are preparing for a magic comeback. Thanks for your patience! 

Summer Spirit
On june 25th Pauni Trio will be performing at  the Koorbiënnale in Haarlem.  This late night and open air concert on the Oude Groenmarkt will certainly put you in the summer spirit. In case you miss the opportunity, join us in Zwaanshoek the next day.
In both concerts we will be accompanied by accordeon player Jan Wollring. 

The Air we Breathe
Pauni Trio has started a collaboration with composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven in the piece 'The Air we Breathe' . It will be performed amongst others at the ' Rotterdamse Opera Dagen' at the end of may (23th - 27nd). In March and April you can experience this piece in theaters in Haarlem, Tilburg, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. A little less Bulgarian this time, but the more suprising and catchy! Check our agenda for upcoming concerts and the website The Air we Breathe for more information. 

Zing, Kokosjka!
From November 2010 the voices of Pauni Trio are taking young audiences (6 and up) through the children's theatre show 'Zing, Kokosjka!' by Oorkaan Productions.
Watch the preview to get in chocolate-mood.

Foto: Anna van Kooij

The performance is also being offered to schools, and can be combined with one or more voice workshops. Visit website Oorkaan for more information.


Tchestita Nova Godina! 
Happy new year's from Pauni Trio! We hope to see you healthy and in high spirits in 2011. On  sunday January 2nd we will have our first 'Zing Kokoskja'  performance of the year, in Tiel. The concert of the 9th in Haarlem's Patronaat will be followed up by an early evening get together in Cafe de Waag. Never too late for a new year's toast!  


To Bulgaria!
August 2010, Pauni Trio went to Bulgaria to visit and perform at the festival in Kopvrishtitsa. Following, the three singers joined a folk singing summercourse at the Plovdiv Academy of Music. Check out Pauni's Facebook page to see the pictures, or view a video


Engaged to get married!
September 18th, Pauni Trio had a romantic get together with the Holland Baroque Society in their mixed performance at the Bach Festival, Dordrecht. The theme of the evening was ' weddingmusic ' . Read the review of Trouw and listen back on Radio 4 


From 2007 untill 2009 Paunies' combined their Bulgarian harmonies  with a balkan-crossover ensemble (guitar, double bass, viola and percussion) in the band Mesechinka. Described as 'vividly groovy', the main Dutch newspaper Volkskrant regarded Balkan-jazzband Mesechinka as the surprise of the 2007 Bulgaria Festival, organised by world music venue Rasa in Utrecht. Subsequently, Mesechinka appeared live on VPRO's Vrije Geluiden,  the Music Meeting Festival, and Ollin Kan festival in Mexico City. 

Wintertour 2008

In December 2008, Pauni Trio did a small winter concerttour, with performances in a school in Bergen, Deventer city hall, a church in Utrecht and theatres in IJmuiden and Zutphen. Haarlems Dagblad interviewed Juliette van Dijk: "Of course it's best to learn the specific Bulgarian way of singing on a Bulgarian mountain top with an old and patient Baba, but it is also possible to learn it here in Holland."
Read more (PDF, Dutch only).

 And why we don't sing the carols...
In Bulgaria, Christmas carols are traditionally sung by boys, koledari. On Christmas eve they visit the houses of their relatives, neighbours and friends, carrying a specially prepared cornel twig (kolednitsa). On entering a house they say a blessing for good harvest, good health, wealth and happiness. Apart from the male koledari songs of the folk tradition, there is also the elaborated repertoire of the Bulgarian orthodox church. These 'heavenly' songs are sung by both men and women. Pauni Trio is already rehearsing polyphonic hymns from the Orthodox Church for the next winter season.

Pauni Trio in Concertgebouw
December 2007 Pauni Trio performed at the Balkan night 'Het Bal' in the Concerthall. De Volkskrant about their performance:

"...en de wonderschone Bulgaarse polyfonie waarmee de avond tot een hoogtepunt kwam, ontsteeg aan de kelen van drie Hollandse meiden, samen het Pauni Trio."

"... and the captivating Bulgarian polyphonics that brought the evening to it's height, arose from the mouths of three Dutch maidens, the Pauni Trio."



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